About ‘I know’

African-American choreographer, director and dancer Bill T. Jones was in the process of creating a large scale work that would open in Park Avenue Armory in NYC and come to Holland Festival 2020, when covid-19 forced the world to a halt. In this work-to-be he imagined a final scene with 100 people on stage: he himself, the members of his company, and over 85 people from local communities. He asked all those people: “what do you know?”.

This online project invited people to participate by uploading a video of expressing a sentence beginning with the words ‘I know…’. During the Holland Festival 2020 a video collage series started with one short uploaded by Bill T. Jones, on the second day he was joined by the video uploads of his dancers, and on consecutive days this collage of video uploads grew till the last day, June 21st. Digitally processed by filmmaker Ruben Van Leer, the end result is a filmed catalogue of knowledge, brought in by people from all over the world, each captured in their own way…

Support contact: iknow@hollandfestival.nl